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Why Car Quids

Our drivers become social media ambassadors, complementing the advertising on their cars with regular social media posts to a brand campaign hashtag.

The effect? Multiple touchpoints significantly amplify brand awareness.

Use the planning tool to understand the audience you're buying.

You can access estimated impressions, reach and frequency of a campaign across the UK and get an instant price quote.

With Car Quids’ innovative approach, you can see for yourself that your brand has been seen in your target areas.

In addition to this, we conduct monthly surveys on mileage and interactions between our members carrying your brand and the public.

We reach areas other media cannot.

Car Quids offers access to a branded fleet of over 20,000 cars in 100+ towns and cities across the UK.

Wherever there are cars, there is Car Quids supporting your brand.

Target the exact audience you want to reach - we match drivers with your brand.

Go a step further - empower drivers to become brand ambassadors and increase organic referrals and word of mouth. Even arrange flash mobs around areas or events for targeted brand exposure.

We can place your brand where you want, when you want!

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